Hiking and tasting
in the hills of Florence

Guided walks in the hills surrounding Florence experiencing nature, history and gastronomy

Guided walks, hikes and excursions combining nature, art and history, commencing either directly from Villamagna or from a predetermined starting point that we’d drive to by car. The guide will provide you with information about the area and its geography, and also about any historical and artistic monuments you’ll be visiting.

All walks in nature are scheduled according to your physical training and ability and are then adapted to your wishes. The duration, steepness of climbs and type of route will be decided upon together based on your preferences and expectations.

The 3 to 4 hour hikes are easy to moderately difficult and cover approximately 8 to 10 km (4 to 6 miles) of trails. The full day excursion of 6 to 8 hours with a lunch break in nature covers a distance of approximately 15 to 20 km (9 to 12 miles).

At the final destination of our excursions and walks, we will have lunch together in typical and authentic trattorias, or in a bottega (country food shop), which I have chosen for you particularly because of their cuisine and special atmosphere. Alternatively we could end our hike at a winery, with a visit to the cellars and a tasting of the wines from their own production accompanied by typical regional dishes.

Depending on the distance, the return trip can be organized by taxi. 

Here are some of the excursions that can be personalized to your available time:

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  1. INCONTRO hilltop medium HIKE with SNACKS in your guide’s HOME GARDEN – 3 hours
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  1. PANORAMIC easy WALK  above RIMAGGIO thru OLIVE GROVES’s fields with LUNCH at ALIMENTARI INNOCENTI featuring seasonal day’s fresh & yummy local dishes – 3 hours
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  1. HIKE on the ROMAN  ROAD and TRUFFEL HUNTING with GIULIO the famous TRUFFLE MASTER in Terzano – approx 6 hours
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  1. HIKE to GUALCHIERE DI REMOLE  – medieval fulling factory – with VISIT to the local SCULPTOR’S WORKSHOP (Piero Gensini) on site and WINERY VISIT with WINE TASTING and TUSCAN SNACKS in Rosano – easy – 4 hours 
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  1. HIKE from VILLA MEDICEA DI LILLIANO to the surrounding hills sides to discover their hidden historical and contemporary artistical treasures: SASSO SCRITTO, PALAZZACCIO DI MARCIGNANO, FONTE SANTA PARK  and its sculptures. WINE TASTING with TUSCAN SNACKS and visit at Villa di Lilliano – easy – 3 hrs/3,5 miles 
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  1. HIKE to the fortified village of MONTISONI with OIL TASTING and SNACKS at the family owned FRANTOIO RETO – easy 3 hours
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  1. HIKE along the hill tops around POGGIO FIRENZE to SAN POLO IN CHIANTI  with dinner  at OFFICINA DELLA BISTECCA in PANZANO IN CHIANTI, the unique restaurant owned by the famous butcher DARIO CECCHINI – medium  – 3,5 hours/ 5 miles 
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Apericena in the vineyard

Aperitif and snacks in a local vineyard, really unique!

At sunset we will delight you with the special location of the Capaccio vineyard next to my house, 350 meters above the Arno valley with a spectacular view of Florence and the surrounding hills. On a table placed under a leafy evergreen oak are arranged delicacies of the Tuscan culinary tradition accompanied by wines produced by the owner of the vineyard.

Cooking class or cook with me

Cooking experience at home in my kitchen preparing authentic and typical tuscan dishes

On request I can organize a demonstration and explanation of traditional Tuscan dishes, or you can participate “hands on” in the preparation. After preparing the chosen dishes you can taste them at dinner in my garden.

As this is a personalized activity in a private home, please contact me for more information.

Florence Classic

Classic tours and museum visits in Florence

In my long established capacity as a Florentine guide, I will share my expertise with you in your choice of a tour including the most famous museums and sites, experiencing renowned masterpieces, or if you prefer, we can discover the hidden corners of Florence, off the beaten track.

This private tour will be planned according to your personal wishes and is entirely custom made.

I am also available for a food tour or a visit to local artisans’ workshops.